Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I need to preface this entire thing with two very important disclaimers. 1.) I never saw myself as a mother. 2.) I never saw myself writing about being a mother.

Being a mother does not come “naturally” to me, as it does to some. I, in no way, consider myself an expert of any kind. And I am quite certain I make several gratuitous mistakes each day (although I hope most of these are forgivable). But, even with all of the yelling, hair-pulling, embarrassing moments, sleep deprivation, diaper changes, school projects, temper tantrums, illnesses, lack of showers and moments to myself….I adore my children. And I am proud to be their mother. What I hope I maintain through-out this entire experience of being a parent, is my sense of humor (because it is definitely NOT my sanity). I consider laughter an excellent source of medicine, and I hope, along this journey of mine, I am able to continue to laugh at myself, and help others remember how to laugh at themselves.

I hope my children remember the fun times, more than the times mommy is threatening to run away from home. I hope they remember their childhood as an actual “childhood”. I hope they are proud to be a part of this family, and to have me as a mother. I hope they inherit my sense of humor and sarcasm (and use it wisely). I hope they realize that my threats to make them pay for my rehab when they are adults and self-sufficient, is just a joke (kind of). And, mostly, I hope I can leave them with some sort of legacy....other than the therapy I am quite certain they will require as adults.

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