Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I want for Christmas..........

The simplicity of children amazes me.  Sometimes.

I asked my 2 and 6 year old to write out a Christmas list for Santa.  My 6 year old can read & write for himself.  My 2 year old required some translation by me.  I asked her to tell me all the things she wanted Santa to bring her and I would write them down.

Here's what we ended up with.

The 6 year old:

1.  beyblade  (these stupid things are gonna drive me to O.D. on Xanax)
2.  legos
3.  Harry Potter  (not quite sure if he meant the actual character, or a book, a game...???)
4.  football
5.  candey  (his spelling, not mine)
6.  gum
7.  Papa Johns pizza  (again, this is open to interpretation:  just a pizza, or an actual franchise...???)
8.  popicheropeca book   (?????)
9.  a brother  (keep dreamin' kid.  no more kids are comin' out of this vagina)

The 2 year old (as dictated to me):

1.  Elmo  (this might be tricky)
2.  Tubby Tubby's  (to clarify:  'Teletubbies')
3.  Christmas  (easy enough)
4.  reindeer  (again, a tricky one, unless we move to Alaska)
5.  flowers
6.  hesha  (this is her nickname for her brother.  no idea why.  and he already happens to live here, so done and done)
7.  juice
8.  t.t. mouth (her name for a pacifier.....which she no longer uses)

**and that, folks, is pretty much the extent of her vocabulary.

Who's having an easy Christmas this year?!?  I don't even need to step foot in a Toys R Us!!!  Now, I'm keeping a copy of these lists, so when they are completely disappointed on Christmas morning, I have actual evidence of their requests.



  1. Hi! It's Adrienne Hedger - thanks for the shout out over on Facebook! I saw that you linked to the "errands with kids/without kids post." I really apprecaite it! I was cracking up reading the Christmas lists above. I trust your six-year-old is now running a Papa John's pizza? And your two-year-old wanted Christmas for Christmas. I love it! Let's keep in touch. You have a great blog here!

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