Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being a parent means.....

1. Downloading a song that totally ANNOYS you to no end, just because your kids love it (then, secretly, you actually start to enjoy it, too).

2. Looking forward to watching Hannah Montana with your kids (or, without).

3. Making enough PB & J sandwhiches to feed 15 different countries.

4. Realizing you've actually slept 5 hours uninterrupted and feeling totally well rested!

5. Not caring how bad your vocals are when you sing to your children in public.

6. You look every bit of your age + 5 years.

7. You cry at the drop of a movies, TV shows, commercials, rain, people walking their dogs....

8. Writing a 'mom-blog' because you now feel a strange connection to every woman out there who is a mother.

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