Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Reality

It's rather depressing to find a picture of yourself  (circa. pre-kids, pre-cellulite, pre-sleep deprivation, pre-bat wings, pre-an ass that could qualify for it's own zip code) and barely recognize that it's you.

It's even more depressing to know that under no circumstances, will you ever look that good again.

But, just to add salt to the open end up having this conversation with your just-turned-6 year old:

Little Man:  "mom, who's that?"

Me:  "that's me".

Little Man:  "really?  it doesn't look like you"

Me:  "well, I was younger.  And much thinner then."

Little Man:  "oh, so like a hundred years ago".

Thank you, sweet, little angel of mine.


  1. LMAO!!!!!!! Sounds like my sons when they look at my wedding picture!

  2. kids. I would teach dance class and they would say, "your thighs are so much bigger than mine."
    That is a beautiful picture, and in hopes of giving some inspiration...although my body isn't completely the same as it used to be post baby - I am back to high school size which is the smallest I've ever been. I wore a Winter Formal dance dress to a wedding this past weekend. Felt like I was 16 again. So, it is possible to bring it back but I've also learned to love all the things that mommyhood brought me - except for the darn stretch marks.

    brittany @

  3. That's so cute, kids and their innocence. You can still look sexy and younger if you exercise regularly. Even Cellulean reviews mentioned it's the only way to get rid of cellulite completely.