Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Week in Recap

I'm going to pretend for just a moment, that 1 or 2 of you are actually wondering why I haven't posted anything in a week.......  (just let me live in my delusional reality for a bit, if you don't mind).

I feel this past week in my life bears to be written (ie. 'complained') about.  And more importantly, justifies my increased consumption of wine.

It all began 1 week Aunt L came for a visit.  Now, Aunt L, is my mother's sister.  My mother passed away 3 years ago, so Aunt L has taken over position of mother/grandmother.  And GOD BLESS HER for that!  Truly.  However, any outside visitors create a chaotic environment in my household.  That's just how we roll in this house.  "Little Man" tends to turn into a ......PSYCHOTIC LUNATIC....when his routine gets disrupted in any way (I'm not saying he gets this from me, but it's remotely possible).

During this same time, I was in communication with the Principal, Vice Principal, and Curriculum Director of Little Man's elementary school, in order to switch him from one Track to another Track (please refer to earlier posts about the school system here).  My reasoning was to get him in a class with other children closer in age to him (he was the youngest and smallest in his kindergarten class), because I feel it will benefit him socially - now and in the future.  I felt frantic about this situation, because school was due to start THIS Monday.  I'm not usually a procrastinator, but I had a gut feeling about things, and I needed to act on them - FAST.

After some severe GI-stress-related issues, and 2 nights of insomnia, I am happy to say HE GOT SWITCHED.  However, he's home for 3 more weeks.....not so sure I'm mentally prepared for that.

Anyway, during Aunt L's stay, "Baby Girl" developed a high fever (and by "high", I mean 105+).  I gave her some ibuprofen, which she choked on, so I naturally assumed it was strep throat.  After coordinating drop-off of my Little Man to VBS,  I took Baby Girl to the pediatrician.  She began twitching severely, looked up at me, her eyes rolled back, and she seized.  Right there.  In the doctor's office.  In my arms.

I think I actually stopped breathing for a few minutes.

After the entire staff of receptionists and nurses came running out into the waiting area, she came to, and projectile vomited all over us.  So, I spent the next 2 hours, covered in pink vomit, trying to figure out what was wrong with my child.  Her fever was still 105.  They gave her a Tylenol suppository, stuck her with needles & a urinary catheter.  Cultures of all kinds were performed.  Then they gave her a double dose of an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial meningitis.  Two injections.  One in each thigh.  It took me and 2 nurses to hold her down (this "fight" mentality will definitely be beneficial for her later in life).

I am strongly convinced I now suffer from PTSD.

Aside from an elevated white blood cell count, we still have no idea what was wrong.  Thankfully, her fever came down after 24 hours.

A few days later, with oral antibiotics in tow, we ventured off to the beach, to stay with our dear friends and their 2 young boys.  This trip had been planned for months, and we were intent on celebrating Little Man's 6th birthday.

All went great, and everyone had F.U.N.........

despite the 11pm bedtimes, and 6am wake up calls, the diarrhea caused by antibiotics.....

Oh, and Little Man pissing his pants during the fireworks show, saying "holy $hit" in front of everyone, and Baby Girl getting into the ant spray under the non-childproofed cupboards.  (I've never claimed to be Mother of the Year, people).

Now, please excuse me while I go make myself a stiff drink.


  1. Oh wow, what a week you had. I can totally understand you need a drink, I would too. I'm sorry for 'Baby Girl's fever, hopefully it wasn't caused by something serious and she's doing better now.
    Have a nice Sunday Funday and drink a glass of wine for me too. It can only get better. :-)

  2. I hate it when the babes get sick. Fevers are icky and scary. I sure hope you're little girl is better now.

    Happy Sunday Funday!

  3. Oh wow, what a week. Hope your baby girl has recovered fully!

    Stopping by from Sunday Funday.

  4. What a week! I would draw the blinds and unplug the phone. Another week is about to begin! (Hope it is much better!)

  5. I'm going to go have a drink for you...

    I hope your Baby Girl is doing better now.

    Also, you did remind me to remind my mom to put away all of the pesticides they keep in every room of the house on the floor...since Klaw found every single can at our last visit.

  6. I'm surprised you stopped drinking long enough to type this..
    She seized in your arms?? I'm so happy to hear you're both okay..
    If that had happened to me, I'm sure my child would be fine, I definitely wouldn't be..
    You're one tough mamma!!
    Will you get results of any sort to see if it was meningitis??
    Things have to start looking up for you, it can only get better, right??!!
    Enjoy your drink(S)!!!

  7. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I hope they find out what was wrong. Poor little thing!

  8. I'll drink one with you! What a crazy week - I'm glad your little girl is doing better. I probably would have fainted myself. I love the little man's fireworks comments. Hilarious!!!