Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I feel jittery.  And excited!!  I feel like a 5 year old set loose in Toys R Us with no adult to set limitations.  Or a grown woman (which I think I might actually be one day) sent on a shopping spree in Nordstrom with no spending limit.


Because I am going away!!  For an entire weekend!!  With my husband!!!  And.......NO!!  KIDS!!
(exclamation on the last 2 words of that sentence, just in case you missed it).

NO KIDS!!!!!  

This hasn't happened since September 2006.  I know, right??!  It's so easy to feel like you are just a "mom", and forget that you are also a wife.  Someone besides your kids actually loves you and depends on you.

Things I am MOST excited about.......

1.  I get to pee in peace

2.  No whining, yelling, crying, screaming, fighting, kicking, pushing, pulling..........I can strip myself of the referee whistle strapped around my neck for  THREE.  WHOLE.  DAYS.

3.  I can sleep!!  And even if my body clock wakes me up early, I get to just  LAY THERE. And stare at the ceiling.  No 5 year old will be there to shout in my face at 6:00 in the morning - "hey mom!! guess what?!  I went to the bathroom and wiped my own butt!!"

4.  I'm getting a massage!!!!  And I mean a real one.  Not the kind where my kids jump on me because they think it's hilarious to cause me pain.

5.  I can take a nap.

6.  I don't have to wipe any orifice on any other human body.  I'll only be responsible for bathing myself.

7.  I don't have to watch 8 episodes of  iCarly or Spongebob Stupidpants.

8.  I get to be ALONE with my husband.  We can have a conversation that's not interrupted every other sentence.  I might even actually be able to complete a thought while talking to him.

9.  I get to dress up and put on makeup.  Pretend I'm a fraction of my formerly hot self.  I might even get all kinds of crazy and wear heels!!

10.  No small child will be using me as a jungle gym while trying to eat at a restaurant.

11.  No dishes, diapers, laundry or cooking for anyone..........I'll be the one who's getting pampered!

and, who knows??

Maybe I'll even miss my kids so much, that I'll actually look forward to coming home.


  1. Have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

  2. Hope you have a great time on your vacation, everyone deserves a break:)