Friday, April 1, 2011

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Forget fire & brimstone. Hell is co-sleeping with your children for 8 days and then traveling across 3 time zones with them, all while they are sick and you are all sleep deprived.
But, we are alive.  And home.  And exhausted. 

Which leads me to ponder why going on vacation leads to needing a vacation to recover from vacation..????  Maybe it's the 8 carry-on bags and 2 car seats we are forced to lug through the airport all while making sure our 2 small children don't run away or get lost amongst the crowd of hustling travelers.  And then having to figure out a way to transport said children when they decide they are too tired to walk any longer and place themselves in a catatonic state on the dirty airport floor.

Then come all the stares from strangers, especially when you are holding a screaming 2 year old while trapped in a confined space like a bunch of sardines.  As if I'M having a GREAT time ??!

Or perhaps it's sleeping in the same bedroom, as a family of 4, while on vacation, then traveling for 6 hours via 2 planes, to get to your car, which is another 3 hour drive from home.

Traveling is great.  I love to visit other places.  See friends & family.  

It's everything else that comes along with it that makes me want to take a long walk off a short cliff.  I guess that's where the saying comes from..............


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