Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Body Makeover: Day 45....

....I'm still fat.  Gym = 2; My ass = 0

I was gonna try and be all motivational or inspirational in this post, but, I can't.  My "inspirational quota" lasts all of about 48 hours.

My dear husband suggested to me that I might want to "cut back the calories" in order to lose weight.  What he really meant was "give up wine".

In my rational mind, I know he's right.  But I don't pride myself on being rational.  So, I headed off to the local GNC store and purchased the largest tub of Weight Loss/Protein Powder Chalk Shake I could find.  For a bunch of tasteless dust, it's actually not so bad.  I mix it with vodka milk, instead of water.  And add a banana.  It's got a bunch of vitamins and crap in it, so I figure it's gotta be healthy.

Like today....I had coffee, 2 eggs, went to the gym for 2 hours, then had a salad for lunch (and did not coat it in ranch dressing).  I used actual vegetables.  (I know, I'm even scaring myself here).

So, here's my question.  I'm basically skipping a meal (for all intents and purposes), so will a glass of wine..or three...hurt?  What if I put in an extra 20 minutes of cardio at the gym every day?

Would it make a difference if I mentioned that we are on week THREE of track out, both kids are home 24/7 and decided today they would use the sidewalk chalk to paint themselves, the backyard, all of their toys and the hardwood floors??  Or that it's supposed to rain tomorrow so there goes all hope of throwing them out in the backyard for an hour (or 7)?  Or that my husband is gone the better part of 12 hours a day?

Oh, forget it.  Unless they come up with some Narcotic-Enhanced Water that you can get over the counter, wine's all I've got to keep my head above water.  At the moment.

I'm gonna go make myself a protein shake and chase it down with some chardonnay.

(Go ahead.  Cast your judgements.  Wouldn't be the first time).


  1. so here's the thing.... you NEED wine. just cut back to one glass. I've decided that i'm only going to drink on Friday's for my slim down.
    *sigh* what's more important, going down a size, or not having a nervous breakdown? no seriously, because I want to know.

  2. I wish I knew. And I wish one glass was enough. For a professional wine drinker like myself, it's just not. I'm better off refraining completely.