Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Field Day. Genious.

Although this is not an "official" diagnosis, and although I didn't receive a medical degree from Harvard U., and although I have a tendency to be somewhat of a 'hypochondriac' (insert sarcastic air-quotes)...........I am convinced that my 5 year old son (soon to be 6) has some type of enzyme malfunction in his body, and methamphetamine's are actually being produced through his DNA.

He rarely sleeps.  He stopped napping at 3.  And yet, he still has the energy of a hungry cheetah chasing after it's prey.  This behavior begins precisely at 5:30am, when he wakes up.

We've even gone so far as to have a sleep study done on him, after I discovered (while up every 2 hours feeding a newborn), that the child literally  was awake most of the night, playing in his room.

Turns out he's highly anemic, which has caused Restless Leg Syndrome, therefore affecting his ability to sleep well.  Even now, with iron supplements and a neurologic drug to control the RLS, he is deemed a "hi-energy child".  Which in MY dictionary, translates into "ADD/OCD/hyperactive/stress-inducing lunatic who drives his mother to the brink of cliff diving ....without a net". 

There is no rest for the weary in my house.

So, today, at school, was a "Boosterthon Fun Run".  Basically, a way to raise money for the school AND allow the kids to participate at the same time.  They had the opportunity to run up to 35 "laps" (maximum) and raise money  per lap they completed.  Parents were allowed to watch and cheer on.

My son has been excited about this for weeks.  Convinced he would run 50 laps!  We got him some new tennis shoes and deemed them his "speedy shoes".  We mentally prepared last night and told him to get lots of rest.  (He was still awake by 5:30am).

It was adorable to watch this Leadership Team get all these kids wound up and excited to run.  They played music and got everybody involved and cheering.  And kept the kids motivated.

Until lap 5.

What started off as a pack of wild buffalo set loose from captivity as soon as the horn sounded, turned into sweaty, whiny, tired children trying to hold each other up or knock each other down to get one step closer to the finish.  My son walks by me and says, defeated, "when are they gonna let us stop??!"  I've never seen that many tired children in one central location.   


I'm amazed no one needed a medic on the field.  And no one fell asleep in class after wards.

He was SO tired when I picked him up after school, that he came home, sat on the couch, waited quietly for his dinner, didn't bother his sister, took a bath without complaining.....and I didn't have to raise my voice ONCE before bedtime!!!

Hea-ven (please imagine me singing that in a very angelic voice with a choir backing me up and the sky opening.  With lots of doves.  And some dry ice).

So, MY question is, why can't every day be a "Field Day"??  Make these kids run laps in the morning, bore them to death with some math and spelling (I guarantee you teachers, they'll probably sit there quietly) then send them home to their parents who put them to bed at 6:30pm???!

Who's with me??


  1. I love field day! I have nominated your blog for an award, stop over and see!

  2. I'm with the field day!

  3. "When are they gonna let us stop??!" ...aaahaha!!

  4. This cracks me up!!!
    You are too funny, Megan!

  5. Oh I'm definitely in the "more Field Days" camp, for sure. Ours was today...and I can't wait for the peaceful evening that's sure to be ahead.

    Found you from the blog hop!