Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So many questions, so little time......

 These are questions for you more "mature" moms out there.......

When do they become *normal*?  Our children, I mean.  When are they capable of common sense?  When do they start having rational thoughts?  When are they able to communicate those thoughts in ways that don't involve screaming and seizure-like activity?

When will I get through an hour without having to raise my voice or repeat the same statement 8 times?

When do siblings stop trying to kill each other?  When can I leave them alone in a room without any tears or blood being shed?

When will I have privacy in the bathroom again?  When will I be able to take a shower without the sound of screaming, crying, complaining, arguing and doors slamming as my background music?

When will I stop feeling like I might need to *drink* my breakfast, lunch & dinner?


  1. Oh the days!!Got any hair left? I remember wanting to pull mine out.

    The bad news is that will finally stop when they move out and they do all that "lovin each other" out of your loving presence.

    The good news is then you can have you cocktail in peace then!

    Wisdom (or not) of mother who raised 5 kids and now has 4 grandkids. Yes they do end up lovable to find mates!

  2. I can't wait to hear the "answers" to these questions.. I fear that some will say NEVER!!!