Thursday, May 19, 2011

How NOT to handle a situation......

I believe I have stated in earlier posts, that one of the reasons I love our neighborhood, is that the elementary school is located inside of it.  In fact, it was one of the primary reasons I wanted to buy this house.  We can see the back of the school from the front of our house.  I can hear the children playing outside at recess.  And I can walk my kindergartner to and from each day (which perhaps isn't such a wonderful thing when it's pouring rain outside, but, whatever).

Another bonus of this, is getting to meet other parents while waiting on the lawn at pick up time.  For the most part, you meet some great people in your neighborhood.  Maybe schedule some play dates.  Meet at the pool.

One of the moms I met actually just moved in up the street from us.  Her kids are a little bit older, but so far, they've all gotten along great, despite the age difference.  She informed me one day after school, while picking up her son, that her daughter was absent because they had found lice in her hair.


Isn't that something that becomes an epidemic in a school??!!

Just hearing the word (ick!) gives me the heebie-jeebies!!!  I know, as a mother, we are going to be faced with disgusting things.  I mean, I feel like I've had my fair share already.  But something about combing little bugs out of my child's hair, is at the top of the list of things I hope I    NEVER.  HAVE.  TO.  DO    !!!!!  

I was composed when my son split his chin open and had to get stitches, when my daughter had Salmonella for 3 months (those are diapers you don't wanna change, trust me), and when I thought we would need the jaws of life to free my son's shoulders from the monkey bars.  But, for real, I will need to be heavily medicated, or drinking large quantities of vodka, if that day ever arrives.

So, on our walk home from school yesterday, I noticed something on the back of my son's head.  Now, let me just preface this by saying......he has minimal hair to begin with.  It's very thin, and blonde, and we just gave him a summer buzz cut.
I see something small and white  (and I really have no idea what lice actually look like, but in my head I'm envisioning some maggot-like creature).   So, what do I do??    


Right there.  In the middle of the street.  Scaring the bejesus out of both of my children, and everyone around us  (I'm sure that won me lots of approval from other parents).

Long (embarrassing) story short.  It was sand.  Not lice.  And I'm really hoping this was not a "dry run".




  1. I raised five kids, with a little raise-in under my belt I swear do things i would have never have believed without blinking.

    I once removed a plate full of vomit (my daughter threw up right in her plate) once at the dinner table at someone else's house- talk about embarrassing!

    I bet you'll be an old pro before you know it!I have only been reading this blog for a few days but you seem to have a wonderful sense of humor and I think both go hand and hand- that's to say good parenting and humor.

  2. Haha!! Lice, gross..i get the creepie crawlies too!! My brother had it about 6 months ago. Thankfully, no one else got it but him but that doesn't mean that I didn't use lice shampoo in all of our hair and wash everything in hot water! But I DID learn a few things about lice..Whether or not you wanna hear it, I'm going to tell you :-D Lice do not jump (I always thought they did), People with clean hair are much more likely to get lice than those with "greasy or dirty" hair. Why? because they can't dig in to the hair follicle or scalp..Just a little FYI for you :o) It'll be okay, and I hope you never have to deal with it..