Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anonymous Letter

Dear 'Fat Lady' at the pool, who was too busy yappin' on your cell phone to be bothered with actually watching your eight children under the age of 10 play in the pool:

I, too, dread bathing suit season.  There is nothing flattering about these thick, cottage cheese thighs being exposed for all to see.  However, nothing takes presedence over watching my young children while in a giant tub of water!!

So, perhaps you could get off your fat ass long enough, to watch over said children, so that when your 3 year old (albeit strapped into a life vest, which I'm sure gives you a FALSE sense of security) falls on his face while climbing out of the pool, I'm not the one who has to comfort him.  While he screams hysterically. 

'Cause you see....I'm actually BUSY watching my own damn children!!!!  I don't have time to be responsible for yours.  Although, I'm sure you're conversation with "Tina.  I have to call you back.  I'm dealing with drama here" was quite riveting.

Very irritated mother of 2

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  1. LOL! Yes, there are many Moms out there that need a few Mommy Lessons from Moi! I feel your frustration as these Moms are simply not Mother enough to be considered Mommys. How about you post this letter on the community bulletin board at the pool? Maybe? Cups Up! xoxo