Friday, June 3, 2011

She's not as cute as she looks.

OK.  Maybe she is.  Some days more than others.

But as she's becoming more of a *person* and less of a *baby*, I'm beginning to catch on to her tricks.

("tricks" = manipulative techniques)

I usually yell at her older brother every time she makes a peep when my back is turned to them.  Naturally, I assume he has done something to her.  And in most instances, this is generally the case.  But, 'little girl' enjoys this tango.  She actually takes pleasure in watching her brother get in trouble.

Then, she likes to turn on the waterworks.

("waterworks" = whiney crying accompanied by a pathetic expression on face and a demand to be picked up and held)

So, now that I've finally figured this dance out, I'm cautious before I place blame whenever a sibling-brawl breaks out in the house (which is more common than not).  I try to identify the initiating culprit first.

This does not make 'little girl' happy.  At all. 

And I am being punished for it. 



  1. oh lord help us. errrrr, help YOU rather.
    This is only the beginning, it's about to get REALLY fun!

  2. yes! My daughter will be 1-year-old in a few weeks. Man does she have some tricks up her sleeve.


    xo brittany @