Thursday, June 16, 2011

Someboy LIKES me!!!!

Well, technically (if I may brag for just a moment), TWO people.  Who actually read my blog and quite possibly enjoy it.  This such an amazing concept to me.  Especially since this whole thing started off as a therapeutic way to survive motherhood.  To have a sounding board of people to hear my complaints (and, less frequent, successes), since no one else around here seems that interested in them.

Motherhood can be a very lonely place.  Especially if you "stay at home".  It's hard to make friends....good friends....when you're in a constant state of distraction and ADD.  So, to know that other moms out there can relate to what I'm going through - whether they rode this highway a long time ago, or are currently entering the on-ramp - is a very COMFORTING feeling! 

So, let me start off with thanking the 2 bloggers for the award I received.....

THANK YOU .....  
and ...........

for giving me this award!!!  And BOTH in the same week!  I feel so giddy I might even shave my legs & put on some make-up!

Now, from what I understand, there are *rules* to receiving this award.  And Lord knows, I don't want to have them revoked just for not following the directions!  So, here it goes......
I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you don't already know (and you are supposed to pretend you are interested in learning these things).  Then I am supposed to nominate 7 different blogs, that I find appealing, for this award (and you are supposed to check them out!).  Easy enough.

1.  I am an only child.  This is most likely the cause of my Type A+ personality disorder.

2.  Despite my *social* nature, I actually have severe social anxiety.  I hate to be in new situations, around new people.  It gives me heart palpitations.  Therefore, I am a big proponent of Xanax.

3.  I am a huge clutz.  I will hurt myself in most semi-athletic situations (I use that phrase loosley).  Case in point:  knee surgery at 16 from a cheerleading *accident*; broken wrist at 3_ from rollerskating with girlfriends; second knee surgery at 3_ from falling off a mechanical bull; dislocated knee cap from bending down to pick up a pacifier; 3 broken toes & foot from falling downstairs, trying to avoid landing on my 4 year old and save my glass of wine at the same time.

4.  I love to dress my daughter in frilly girl clothes and tutus.  I'm too fat to be able to wear anything cute on myself, so I compensate for that with her.

5.  I  couldn't live in a world without wine.  Or anti-depressants.

6. I have feet-phobia.  For real.  It's one of the first things I look at on people.  It has even sometimes qualified as a relationship-deal-breaker. 

7.  I am addicted to hot, bubble baths.  I even take them in the summertime (and I live in the humid south!)

So, on to my own nominations.  I'm sure there are SO many more out there that I am just not lucky enough to find yet, but these ladies truly make me laugh thus far in my little "bloggy" world (and I secretly pretend we are all good friends).



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