Monday, June 6, 2011

The truth hurts.

Falling into the category of:  Sweet Things My Kids Say To Me......

My 5 year old, "little man" brings his toy telescope into the living room, where I am cleaning.  He says:

"Mom, I can see you through my telescope, and your butt looks really big"

Awesome.  Thanks honey.


  1. I have heard some similar lovely comments from my children. I'm completely again honesty these days. :)

  2. It's cute at the same time though!!! lol
    I just awarded you, that might make you feel better!! Check out my most recent post to claim your award!!

  3. LOL! Wait until they stare directly at your hair and play 'Find Waldo' (replace Waldo with white hair!) Ahhhh, kids... Cups Up! xoxo