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First of all, I would like to thank a dear friend of mine for bringing this matter to my attention.. You know who you are (wink, wink).

I have personally birthed two children.  Both delivered in a hospital room, under the direct care of OBGYN doctors and nurses, one with a gladly-accepted and prayed for epidural, the other without any pain management what-so-ever, despite pleading, screaming and death threats. ((I have to throw that last statement in there, because I still have a mild hatred towards the incompetent nurse whose fault it was I felt as if my entire body was about to be broken in two)).  Anyway......

That ALL being much as I , personally, am very PRO- pain management during childbirth, I feel that it is COMPLETELY the choice of the woman pushing a human being out of her vagina.  Whether it be a voluntary hospital birth, with or without drug intervention, done in a birthing center, in the comfort of your home, bed, bathtub, OR in your backyard with the entire neighborhood present.  That is why it is called a CHOICE.

Apparently, in the state of NORTH CAROLINA, it is ILLEGAL to have a certified mid-wife present during a home birth.  That's right.  Illegal.  You read that correctly.  Doesn't matter that it is a private, personal choice and that you would pay for this service out of your own is ILLEGAL.
There is nothing wrong with choosing to give birth to your child at home, but you are on your own.  "Screw you", says the state of NC.
Beg your pardon government, but how in the world did women do it 100 years ago?  200 years ago? 500 years ago?  Are the history books mistaken and modern technology HAS really been around since B.C. ?? might say.....'just do it anyway.  who's gonna know?'
Uncle Sam.  That's who.
A friend of a friend, who happens to be a Certified Midwife, was ARRESTED and is being PROSECUTED by the state of North Carolina.  Who's paying for this??  TAX PAYERS!!!  She's not a drug user or pusher, she didn't hit anyone while drinking & driving, she pays her taxes, doesn't rob banks or molest children, yet our tax money is going to be used to prosecute her.  W.O.W.

Please know,  I don't consider myself to be left- or right- "winged".  I'm not one who appreciates political propaganda.  I'm a woman of many opinions who doesn't like to be defined by one belief system entirely.  There are generally good and bad points to most situations in life.  However, I am outspoken, and I care GREATLY how my tax dollars are being spent.
I do believe there are many instances where medical intervention is absolutely necessary.  BOTH of my pregnancies being perfect candidates!!  I went into pre-term labor both times and had to go on intense medication to try and stop the labor.  My first born was premature anyway, and had to be induced because I lost all of my amniotic fluid.  My second born and I, almost died while I was pregnant with her.  Had it not been for hospitals, doctors and nurses, I can't even imagine what might be my reality right now.  However, NOT every pregnancy or birth has complications.  There are many that don't.

There is nothing glamorous or exciting about spreading your legs for 12 hospital staff members, while strapped to a cold, hard table with lights shining in your face, and strange people yelling at you to "PUSH!"

Yes, percoset was the light at the end of the tunnel for me, but that doesn't hold true for everyone............

This letter and press release were written by 
Russ Fawcett
Vice President

North Carolina Friends of Midwives

RALEIGH, NC – On February 19, a Certified Professional Midwife who would be licensed and regulated in neighboring states was arrested for performing the duties for which she is trained. Charged with practicing midwifery without a license, her practice is in jeopardy. Should it close, dozens of pregnant women will face a crisis of care. “Our focus is on the mothers,” says a fellow Certified Professional Midwife. “This is an unfortunate day for mothers in North Carolina.” It is also an unfortunate day for the taxpayers of North Carolina, as they face the potential for a huge bill as the case winds its way through the criminal courts.

Unlike the laws in Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida, North Carolina law denies childbearing women access to legally practicing Certified Professional Midwives, who are specially trained as experts in the provision of out-of-hospital maternity care. Because North Carolina does not license CPMs, they remain open to criminal prosecution for unlicensed health care practice, despite the fact that they are the primary care providers for women all across the United States who deliver their babies in private homes and freestanding birth centers.
CPMs are legally recognized in 27 states, but North Carolina is one of a handful of states that explicitly prohibit their practice. The arrest of one of the state’s most experienced and well-respected CPMs has sent shockwaves throughout the home birth community, leaving pregnant women across the state wondering if their midwife will be next.

“Using the police and the criminal courts to investigate and discipline health care providers is the most costly, inefficient, and ineffective form of professional regulation possible,” said Katie Prown, PhD, Campaign Manager of The Big Push for Midwives Campaign. “If this proceeds to trial the taxpayers of North Carolina are looking at hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars wasted, when a simple case review is all that is indicated.”

Despite a groundswell of grassroots support from across the state, the North Carolina General Assembly has repeatedly declined to pass legislation to license and regulate CPMs, thanks to entrenched opposition from the North Carolina Medical Society.

“It is time we stop rolling over to the bullies and special interests, manage our house the right way, and let democracy and common sense prevail,” said Russ Fawcett, Vice President of the North Carolina Friends of Midwives. “In this economy we simply cannot afford to waste resources on prosecuting midwives when we have a simple, cost-effective solution at hand—enacting legislation to license and regulate CPMs, just like our neighbors have done.”

North Carolina Friends of Midwives is a grassroots organization of advocates dedicated to promoting, supporting, and protecting access to midwifery care in North Carolina.

Amy and Colin, about 25 minutes after he was born at home, with no medical assistance.

For more information than I can provide here...........

TO HELP AMY AND OTHER NC MIDWIVES, SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTERS AT to stay apprised of ways to help change legislation, which Russ and others have been working on for years.
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